Teen Josie tries to make sense of a frightening world in which a sleep condition blurs her dreams into waking life, and comes under the sway of her sister Samantha, whose dark web of secrets she must unravel.

Longer Synopsis

Josie (Laura Wheelwright) is a teenage girl on the cusp of her sexual awakening. Her confusion is heightened by her extreme sleep condition, which blurs her dreams into waking life.

Forbidden from leaving the house, she’s long remained alone but for the supervision of her sister Samantha (Fabiana Weiner), for whom she yearns. But Samantha has a macabre fetish and a dark web of secrets.

While Josie sleeps, Samantha manipulates her body, making her the unwitting subject of her artistic obsessions of power, sex and death. Josie is the plaything in her ever-broadening cavalcade of sadistic fantasies that spiral towards destruction.

To maintain her secret, Samantha uses Josie’s condition against her while she’s awake, further undermining her perception of reality.

Josie must learn to trust her own perceptions or risk losing total control.