Women in Horror Month – Movies… Bands… Here Comes the Killer Sideshow

Women in Horror Month poster

Hello and Welcome Everyone!

Now in its fifth year, Women in Horror Recognition Month keeps on growing internationally, and this February will again see charity fundraising gigs with special guests, live acts and film screenings right here in Melbourne, Australia.

The festival seeks to promote women’s self-expression via the horror genre. For this, the Killer Sideshow, there’s a focus on male advocacy for women faced with domestic violence. We’re showing two female-focused movies by male directors, followed by two unreal all-girl live bands.

Now for the line-up…

First up, fresh from its premiere at Mexico’s Morbido Film Festival, you’ve got the stunning mixed live-action/animation horror short, Retribution, starring Adrian Auld, Libby Bramble and Sonnet Cure, produced by Emma Haarburger, and directed by Clint Cure.

Then you’ve got the psychologically and erotically charged, Australian Directors Guild-award-winning, one-hour flick Wakey Wakey, starring Laura Wilde Wheelwright and Fabiana Weiner, directed by Adrian Goodman, and produced by the team of Adrian Goodman, Nikki Johnstone and Shaun McAlpine.


Wakey Wakey features music by Simon Eddy, as well as Nick Cave, Mick Harvey, Rowland S. Howard and Tracy Pew as The Birthday Party.

Then… BAM! we rock out to the wild punk stylings of LIQUOR SNATCH !M.C.H.D!. Yes people, it’s true.

What’s more, there’s still another killer band to be announced.

Arrive at the beer garden at 8pm for a DJ set by the one and only Misery Malice.


Movies after dark…

Bands after movies…


Entry $5
All funds raised will go to the good people at WestCASA, a charity that facilitates recovery and care for women facing domestic violence and sexual assault.

And… be sure to check out the other awesome Women in Horror Month event as well, running the following week at the same venue. More info here on that event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/249632368534719

Please feel free to spread the word.

We hope to see you there!